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Mráz (2010)

by James Hayman(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
McCabe & Savage Thriller
review 1: It is winter in Portland and Hayman successfully produced a chill. As much as I, a Chicagoan, appreciated the descriptions of the icy winds and piles of snow, I did not care for some of the other graphic descriptions and skipped past them. Reading about torture when it is presented as it was here is not entertainment for me. I get enough of that on the six o'clock news. The good news: strong, well-defined characters are plentiful and I would enjoy getting to know some of them better. I knew who didn't commit the murder but the real killer was not immediately apparent. Will I pick up another Hayman? I don't know.
review 2: Author James Hayman delivers another riveting tale of suspense and thrills with Detective McCabe leading the way. With twists and turns rig
... moreht up to the book's end, the reader is kept on their toes...constantly trying to figure out who's behind the murders and what has become of the psychologically challenged witness. Though his tales are not for younger readers (the crimes commited and several sexual references), the adult sect will certainly enjoy his most recent escapade. Recommended reading for fans of the crime fiction genre as well as those mystery fans that like a bit of a thriller mixed in....happy reading! less
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Pretty good, had no clue who the bad guy was till the end very suspensful
again.. another great read by jim.. love his style..
Trash. I made it to chapter 3 which was 3 too many.
Good book. Twisted
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