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The Collectibles (2000)

by James J. Kaufman(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 5
The Collectibles Trilogy
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. A few of the characters were hard to swallow, but for the most part, I liked Kaufman's characters, their histories, and the way they interacted. I haven't figured out how there are 2 more books in the trilogy, but will definitely give book 2 a shot. Kaufman's characters are damaged in different ways, but trying to heal and make themselves better people. I found myself pulling for them, and I am interested to see where they will go in the rest of the series.
review 2: I purposely did not read any GR reviews before I started reading this book because I wanted to be objective. I was swayed to buy the book by the 198 5 star reviews on Amazon. But I am seriously doubting Amazon's 5star reviews after having read a blog about how authors pa
... morey companies for good, but not necessarily honest reviews.This story's premise sounded very promising. The reference to Grisham, in my opinion, is very misleading as there was nothing that reminded me of Grisham's writing. The book is reasonably well-written but it lacks believability. As another reviewer said, the main character's name should have been prefaced by 'St'. There was no tension in the story and I always knew exactly how it was going to end.I will certainly NOT be reading the sequel. less
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This was one of my free loans from my Amazon membership. It was an entertaining, light read
Interesting story that brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me of a JohnGrisham novel.
wonderful book . . . it was hard to read the end thru my tears
Such a great story! Very easy to read!
Very simplistic writing style.
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