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No Place To Die (2010)

by James L. Thane(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
0843964227 (ISBN13: 9780843964226)
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Sean Richardson
review 1: I found "No Place To Die" to be an excellent mystery/ thriller to read. It's brim full with action, suspense, and real life heartache. Taking place in Phoenix, protagonist Sean Richardson is a homicide detective partnered with the sultry Maggie McClinton. Working under the command of Lt. Russ Martin, Richardson and McClinton are thrown a grisly murder-kidnapping of a very successful, husband and wife cardiologist and medical malpractice lawyer respectively. Beverly Thompson while trying not to be kidnapped sees her husband gunned down right in front of her. The bad guy even shoots and kills the family dog. Before long this case turns into several more murders by the same perp. What is the connection between victims ? What are Richardson,and McClinton missing to put this pu... morezzle together and catch this bad guy. When they finally get a DNA break at a crime scene, it leads them to a suspect. However, no matter how hard or long they grill the suspect they cannot connect him into the crimes. The suspense in this story line really kept the novel moving at a very brisk pace. The characters come alive through their dialog and jump right up off the pages. Richardson has the additional pressure because of the situation his dying wife is trapped into. I thoroughly enjoyed reading "No Place To Die". Author James Thane has crafted a very sharp yarn that delivers a good punch through it's action and flow. I'd highly recommend this for any reader who loves the mystery/ thriller genre. 5 stars out of a possible 5. Don't miss this one. You'll really enjoy it as well. I'm jumping right into Author Thane's second novel "Until Death" right away.
review 2: Maybe it's because I live in Phoenix, where this novel is set...but whatever the reason, I thought this was a nice blend of procedural and noir. It rolls at a fast clip as troubled Phx Det Sean Richardson and his partner Maggie McClinton work to find the link between seemingly random killings and a missing attorney. A strong sense of place lifts this book up a notch above the average thriller. Phoenix is often passed over in the noir realm but this one stakes its claim. It goes right up there with The Name of the Game is Death. less
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I thought it was a fairly decent book seeing as I only paid £1·00
Great book. This author is one to watch.
Brilliant thriller, and tale of survival.
Brilliant book, full of suspense
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