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Virgin Territory (2010)

by James Lecesne(Favorite Author)
2.66 of 5 Votes: 5
1606840819 (ISBN13: 9781606840818)
review 1: Not sure what Lecesne's purpose was in this one...I see the issues: identity, grief and loss, loss of innocence, magic realism, belief...but for some reason in my heart and mind they never gelled into a story I believed in.Dylan and his father Doug work hard to avoid dealing with the death of Dylan's mother, Doug's wife, Kat. They move away from their home; they deliberately build walls, run away from their talents. They seem to be punishing themselves for surviving when Kat didn't.Add Doug's mother, Marie, to the mix...and a miraculous sighting of the Virgin Mary in the bark of a tree...and the crazies who follow BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) appearances, and you end up with a mis-matched mess...With likeable characters and an interesting setting...
review 2: This
... more is the first book I've read by Lecesne. Now that I know his first one was a Morris Award nominee, I'll be hoping to read that, as well. This book was rich with metaphors and layered with imagery I enjoyed. That probably makes it seems purply-prosey, but make no mistake, the voice of the book is strongly male, and swift in it's descriptions. I love books that brush up against religion, which this one did, making it seem like setting, but actually being more. If you are a believer in reality and science, don't let that scare you off from reading this. The "religion" aspects are more about finding faith in yourself, your memories, learning to engage with your community, and making truth out of what may or may not be fiction. Really dig this book cover, too. less
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I thought this was a really good,fast read.I just wish there had been more Virgin Mary action.
OLG on the cover - what's not to like?
Not really memorable and too didactic.
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