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Daniel X, Vol. 3 (2012)

by James Patterson(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 4
0316077666 (ISBN13: 9780316077668)
Yen Press
review 1: The book, "Daniel X vol.3" talks about how Daniel travels to London to defeat the fire demon number 3. He learns from one of his fellow minions that he lived on the Earth for thousands of year and doesn't have a weakness yet. With the training from his dad, Daniel learns how to control which he was the only one in his family to do that. He time travel to the medieval times where he met Merlin and King Arthur. He learns that Merlin and his former master created a machine to defeat number 3. He finds out that it was Stonehenge. He lured number 3 to become super big and with the power of the sun, destroyed number 3. I chose this book because this book is the third of its series. This book has a interested hook on if he will win or lose against number 3. I read this book becau... morese it had tons of science fiction which I barely read but this book is awesome to read. It had lots of actions and adventure in the life of an alien hunter. I would recommend this book to those who had read vol.1 and vol.2. Also if you're a fan of Daniel X and want to try James Patterson's manga version.
review 2: For any starting this series definitely read the prior two volumes or you won't understand how Daniel has gained the power of his creative abilities. Overall it was interesting to see Daniel now have to step out of his comfort zone, and face an alien force that seems indestructible and preys on his past fears. He still needs some growing experience as a hunter, but he has progressed in his powers. Can't wait to see how he takes on the top of the wanted alien list. less
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You know, I think I like the manga versions of these stories better than the novel versions!
I like this book a lot! I have to wait to get the fourth, though.
Really good. Can´t wait for book 4. :D
Public library copy.
it was great
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