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A Beautiful Wedding (2013)

by Jamie McGuire (Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 16
1476759545 (ISBN13: 9781476759548)
Atria Books
A Beautiful Wedding is one more astonishing, romantic novel from the American writer Jamie McGuire. It is the third part of The Beautiful series. The theme is the same – love, passion, relationships and wedding. McGuire is really good at writing books about love. She does it in her own, special way and you have no choice but to adore it and to remember it for a long time.

The main characters are the same, Abby and Travis. And they are getting married. The wedding day and night, the joy, the happiness – everything is described in the book A Beautiful Wedding. You will worry, laugh, smile and weep for joy.

The huge crowds of fans of Beautiful Disaster will be happy to read this last book and to know everything. There are no secrets yet! All in all, A Beautiful Wedding is really the bea
... moreutiful wedding. less
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