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Strindberg's Star (2010)

by Jan Wallentin(Favorite Author)
2.54 of 5 Votes: 5
0670023574 (ISBN13: 9780670023578)
Viking Adult
review 1: A Swedish author has come up with a suspense/somewhat SF offering involving two ancient artifacts that when put together and heated indicate the location to a vast underground cavern located under the arctic ice. The Story moves from current to past times and back to the present as the search and discovery of the artifacts and the chase of the holders by other parties who also wish to own them. The setting is northern Europe and the arctic ice with lots of chasing around. The only down side to the tale is that there is no final explanation as to where the artifacts came from. (3 Stars)
review 2: If you are waiting for a new Dan Brown book, read this book while you are waiting. A cave diver in Sweden discovers a well-preserved body holding an ankh. The diver
... more is murdered before you can say conspiracy theory. A history professor with a specialty in arcane mythologies discovers the body and is conveniently kidnapped by the Swedish Security Police and sent to Germany to meet with a very secret organization who has been searching for this ankh and it's accompanying star since they disappeared 100 years ago. A mysterious lawyer appears to assist the professor. The two of them end up on the lam in Ypres, France, where they find the missing star. And, again with the kidnapping. Lots of Nazi lore gets thrown into the mix, too. The first part do the book moved slowly, but once the trail hits Europe, the chase is on. many explosions, car chases and mysterious goings-on make this a fun summer escape read. less
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Advertisment is much better than the book. It has a bad ending.
Þetta var nú leiðinda bókin og algjöra ruglið...
I really do liked it. What a clever book!
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