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The Twible: All The Chapters Of The Bible In 140 Characters Or Less . . . Now With 68% More Humor! (2013)

by Jana Riess(Favorite Author)
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0989774708 (ISBN13: 9780989774703)
Jana Riess
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. I've read The Bible several times and studied it from different angles, so I didn't expect to learn anything new, and I was pleasantly surprised that I did indeed learn while reading. I was already aware of most of the interesting, funny, awkward details that Jana brought up in The Twible, but her take was always fresh, interesting and amusing.This book isn't for everybody. A complete non-believer would probably not be too interested in Jana's insights, and an absolute literal believer in Biblical inerrancy might be disturbed. So I think this book is recommended for people with more than a passing interest in The Bible, but also for people who have a sense of humor and who have studied The Bible closely enough to understand what Jana is referrin... moreg to.While the tone is humorous and often is even a bit irreverent I can honestly say that I was not only amused, but also uplifted and inspired. In addition to a new and humorous summary of every single chapter in the standard canonical text, Jana also transmitted the key and crucial messages of this ancient text, such as the importance of love, forgiveness and understanding.(I do wish she had included some of the Apocryphal books or some other canonical LDS works, but that would be a narrower target market).
review 2: Do you know what a tweet is? Do you have a sense of humor? Do you have an interest in the Bible? If you match up with these three criteria, I may have a book for you. The Twible is the self-published project of Jana Riess, who has published -- with great graphics and informative side bars -- her ongoing project to summarize chapters of the Bible in no more than 140 characters (all that Twitter allows. I add that you have to have a sense of humor because Jana places a humorous, even snarky spin on her summations. That means that Biblical literalists on both sides of the aisle probably will want to stay clear. If you make the Bible an idol that is co-equal with God, then you will not like what you see. If you, on the other hand, disdain the biblical text and religion with it, well, you'll probably misunderstand Jana's intent. But if you live somewhere in between, you may find this an enticement to go into the text of Scripture itself and see if Jana has captured the essence. And even she hasn't, you will still find yourself ruminating over these texts of Scripture.Great gift for those young adult readers of Scripture -- by the way! less
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Gave as a gift. Loved the parts I looked at. Pure fun.
Yes, it's humerous, but it's also pretty accurate.
Enjoyable, humorous read!
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