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Wildthorn (2010)

by Jane Eagland(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 1
0330458167 (ISBN13: 9780330458160)
Young Picador
review 1: For the first half of the book, Wildthorn seemed to me like a book I wouldn't be able to finish due to how the main events, the plot itself, was almost completely ignored to make room for many scarcely interesting details of Louisa's life before she's locked away, and though I understand that this served a purpose, I couldn't but find it unattractive and hardly necessary, just like the way the author tries, and fails spectacularly at misleading the reader, making her main character look quite foolish. Notwithstanding, once the flashbacks are over, and we get to see some depth on the main character, the book improves so fast that I couldn't but change my mind about it. It even surprised me once or twice. Besides, I liked the ending very much.
review 2: Poor Loui
... moresa!!! If she had been born at a later time, perhaps the fact she had been gay and wanted to be a doctor wouldn't have gotten her sent to the loony bin! Plus, those were really not very sanitary living conditions. I loved her character, and felt like she developed well, in the way of becoming braver about who she was. I feel like the fact she is hiding her romance is going to bite her in the butt in the future, but let's pretend no problems arise!!! less
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Not as enjoyable as 'Whisper My Name' by this author, though still a great read.
Very engaging (and a surprisingly quick read), but perhaps over-optimistic.
A bit second rate in the writing, did NOT like the ending.
Just ok.
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