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You Are Mine (2013)

by Janeal Falor(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0989743209 (ISBN13: 9780989743204)
Chardonian Press
review 1: Actual Rating: 3.5/5The Story: In Serena’s world, a woman’s worth is based on the amount of magic running through her blood. Sold to the highest bidder, women are little more than slaves and possessions. But after Serena’s owner and intended husband is killed in a duel, she begins to realize that her new owner is not like everyone else. He wants change.The Opening Line: My blood will entice warlocks to ask for my hand in marriage, so of course Father wants it spilled.What I Loved: This novel had a really fresh perspective for me. So many times we see novels of oppression or dystopia, and it’s the downtrodden female that changes everything, that becomes the kick-butt hero everyone needs. In You Are Mine, Serena is literally helpless. Living under the fear of being p... moreunished, she must do as she’s told simply to survive. In my opinion, it was a more realistic look at extremely dystopian, patriarchal societies.What I Didn’t Love: I raged at all the men who perpetuated this type of society. I think my inner feminist came out just a bit with this one.
review 2: Let me get to the crux of the story that lies with the inferior treatment of women in this magical society of warlocks and witches. At least this is what resonated with me.Serena is the eldest daughter of a warlock. Being the eldest of 12 sister makes her the target and exploits by her dad. Physical abuse, curses or hexes are the demons of her father that she faces daily.When her blood is tested to be very potent of magic, she is taken as a possession to be a wife of cruel warlock. Things start to take few turns and suddenly Serena doesnt belong to a cruel warlock instead to a barbaric Envadi. This Envadi name is Zade, and his clan famous to being very cruel and barbaric. Serena can't believe that life could still be so mean to her.As per the law she now is a possession of Zade. BEing repressed all her life, Serena starts to push her limits. And each when she expects to be hit or cursed, she gets nothing; nada. As time passes, she starts observing Zade in a new light and starts to trust and fall for him. The more she pushes the boundary of obedience, the more Zade's life is threatened.There is a society of tarnished in the story along with the repressed female idea that worked and blended together very well.The story, world building, the slow and steady development of Zade and Serena story is immensely enjoyable.While reading the feminist in me was cringing and getting pissed at every other sentence. Why couldn't all women come together and fight for themselves? Why is that a man has to that for them.. i was having smoke coming through my ears in certain scenes.Somehow, i was more flattered by Katherine (a tarnished female). Her guts, her craziness to live life on her terms was respect worthy.Read this book, you will really like it. less
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Love Love Love it. Great characters, great plot, great love story. This book just had everything.
Not what I expected but interesting. Review coming soon.
there needed to be more heat not sex but heat, tension
Well-written YA fantasy.
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