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Writing Down Your Soul: How To Activate And Listen To The Extraordinary Voice Within (2009)

by Janet Conner(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
1573243566 (ISBN13: 9781573243568)
Conari Press
review 1: I used to journal every day as a way to savor the good and to transform the not so good. I picked up the audible.com version of Writing Down Your Soul to help remind me of the value of journaling, and found it very effective. There are some elements of the book that didn't resonate for me but like other reviewers, I recommend ignoring the elements that don't work for you and mining the gems that are useful. About halfway (or is it 3/4?) through the book, the author provides a long list of questions one can ask him/herself to trigger writing during a journaling session -- this list of questions is comprehensive and worth the price of the book alone.
review 2: Meh. Don't waste your time.Recipe:- Sift 'the Artist's Way,' meditation, and 'the Secret' - Sprinkle ane
... morecdotes from the author's life - Pepper with passing references to some psychological studieset voilaIt's a heartfelt, sincere, entirely superfluous book. Unless you're specifically going through or trying to deal with something traumatic or if you've never before encountered the concept of writing as a tool of self-discovery, your time is better spent reading something else. less
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Far beyond any expectation I had for this book. Insight and wisdom for a lifetime.
Amazing writing prompts and motivation to keep me writing everyday!
This book really spoke to me - I loved it! TYJ~Thank you, Janet!
I am currently reading this book
Too new age to recommend.
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