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Improper Relations (2010)

by Janet Mullany(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
0755347803 (ISBN13: 9780755347803)
Headline Book Publishing
Lord Shad
review 1: I read this novel enroute (and back) to a friend's wedding and from the pun in the title to the last word, Ms. Mullany had me laughing aloud and reading passages to my husband while he was driving, prefaced by such phrases as "this is why I love this woman's writing!" and "I love her wit!" Clever wordsmithing is important to me as a reader and Ms. Mullany has a strong author's "voice." Her plotting and characters are always utter delicious as well. She's one of the few authors whose books I can't put down -- and I've scolded her for that because she's so entertaining that I can't get my own writing done!
review 2: I love Janet Mullany, and this book was no exception. Both the main characters were incredibly charming and I loved the complexity of the relation
... moreship networks she set up--how Charlotte and Shad are in love but their friendships and families are still an important priority and sometimes even have to take precedence. I also loved how the heroine continued to not like her husband's best friend very much, and he didn't like hers. I think that happens in real life a lot (it's certainly happened to me) and you hardly ever see it in romance, where the hero/heroine must win over EVERYONE In their true love's lives. And as always the book was hilarious. less
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A great spoof of the "stupid misunderstanding" plotline.
really really fun.
Quick, fun read!
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