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Shed (2010)

by Jason McIntyre(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Jason McIntyre has an uncanny ability to get under your skin in the space of a few sentences.Shed is a creepy, compelling story that pulls the elements of creature-feature horror together with the awfulness of abuse. It's told from the perspective of the younger of two boys trapped in a nightmare situation, and rips along from the first page. You root for these boys, and although the ending is very satisfactory it is also bitter sweet as McIntyre makes you wonder just what kind of adults they will make, and whether fighting darkness with darkness will twist them later in life.Recommended for lovers of horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy.
review 2: Shed was my introduction to Jason McIntyre. I enjoyed the story and becoming familiar with McIntyre's style of writing
... more. As with any great author, when the story ended I wanted more. I started Shed not having any idea what to expect, and I was happy to find myself liking the main characters, reluctant to stop reading even for a few minutes, and seriously interested in how it would end. Its very rare(for me)to find an author that can tell a story so well that I am willing to invite him/her back into my head right away with a another book, but this story is just the beginning. Jason McIntyre has an open invitation to tell me as many stories as he can write... less
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Deeply disturbing and fabulously written, it is art and horror and even Americana spooning together.
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Well written and intriguing. Short sweet and go read it.
Interesting little novella featuring fear and retribution
Just don't read before going to bed.
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