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The Night Walk Men (2010)

by Jason McIntyre(Favorite Author)
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Jason McIntyre
The Night Walk Men
review 1: As a reviewer as well as an author, I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book.An amazing read, which hooked me from the start as did Kro. I love the writing style and the mystery within the plot, and certainly the intriguing characters. It's clever and deep and certainly an intelligent read - superb.I am now reading The Devil's Right Hand by this author - phew, it's brilliant, but that's for another review.
review 2: This was the first work I read by Jason McIntyre and it was enough to have me hooked on his writing! The story is not overly dark but you have a sense of foreboding throughout. It really does draw you in from the first sentence. It is slightly otherworldly but definitely not unbelievable. Amazing is what i call it. When i finished, I wen
... moret and added ALL of his works to my wish list then bought them each as i could. He is THAT good. A star on the rise!!! less
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Kind of a new-age spin on the Grim Reaper. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it.
Really enjoyed the flow an rhythm to this short story. Very much enjoyed.
I guess short stories are not my thing. I didn't really get it.
This was a gorgeously written, fascinating view of death.
Great story. I loved his writing style in this book.
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