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Almost Silent (2010)

by Jason(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
1606993151 (ISBN13: 9781606993156)
review 1: The book starts off with a mummy escaping his sarcophagus and walking outside. A startled bicyclist wrecks his bike when he sees the mummy. The mummy tries to approach various strangers for a quarter so he can call an ambulance for the poor bicyclist. Everyone runs away, terrified.A skeleton holds his breath underwater for a minute plus.A zombie can't seem to figure out why people are running from him and attempts various hygienic methods because he just doesn't get it.That explains why I love this book.
review 2: Brilliant. I'm gradually learning that I really love Jason's work. For a long time the price tag turned me off (80 pages for 15 bucks) but now that they're recollecting his short works in these well-produced but low-priced hardcovers ($25 for 4 of his
... more shorter works, totaling 300 pages) I'm happy to purchase them. And they're so well-drawn, interesting, emotional, funny... They're just great. Loved the comedic takes on vampires, zombies and mummies found in Meow Baby, and equally loved the romantic love story combined with a frightening zombie apocalypse in The Living and the Dead. Beautifully packaged, highly intelligent stories with real heart all around. less
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Clever and unquie in style. Uses its mostly wordless style to great effect.
My favorite collection of Jason stories yet. Really funny
Not my favorite of Jason's, but plenty good.
Pretty much worthless.
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