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Mientras Ellas Duermen (1990)

by Javier Marías(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
8483462249 (ISBN13: 9788483462249)
review 1: I was curious to see how a writer who can spend 50 pages on describing something that takes only five minutes does short stories. Pretty good, I have to say, given how generally disappointed I get with short stories. The writing is beautiful, and Marías's brilliance shines through in some of the stories. My favorite was the story about a man who meets another man who looks just like him in every respect, and he despises him so much that he decides to change himself; and the other man is doing the same too. There's a ghost story in the book that is the best ghost story that I've ever read — not that I've read many ghost stories.
review 2: An excellent collection of short stories. This book was a pleasant surprise for me, as I made it only a few pages into the
... more first volume of Javier Marias' "Your Face Tomorrow" trilogy before I bogged down in the 300-word sentences and the Clarice Lispectoresque internal monologues. These short stories, on the other hand, are generally crisp and thoughtful, centering on universal themes of love, obsession, magic, and the blurring of the lines between the daylight world and the twilight of mind and soul. There is a distinctly Latin feel to the works (especially since most of the settings are in Spain) but many of the stories could just as easily be set in New York or Boston or Washington DC. less
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This is a lovely collection of short stories, all told with Marias' delightful, vivid prose.
10 stories, actually.
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