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Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How To Know For Sure You Are Saved (2013)

by J.D. Greear(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 4
1433679213 (ISBN13: 9781433679216)
B&H Books
review 1: This book is very clarifying for anyone who might have been taught that you can trust in a prayer! There should be a version for children's ministry! "Stop asking Jesus into your heart: kids edition"! Instead, the author explains how Christ calls us to turn from our sins and trust the Savior in his work. If you truly trust in him and are seeking to obey him, that is a sign you are "saved," not whether you prayed a prayer.
review 2: I, too, had asked Jesus into my heart numerous times and been baptized more this once. This book clarified for me that I was missing true repentance and a change in my lifestyle. I was calling myself a "Christian" but living as worldly as a non-believer. I would recommend this book to anyone struggling with the assurance of his o
... morer her salvation. There is no other question in life as important as "Are you saved?". less
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What a great little book. Wonderful info for anyone that questions themselves, or their salvation.
Excellent. Good resource for someone struggling with doubt/lack of assurance.
pretty good. gave some good points on assurance of being saved
A must read!
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