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You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) (2012)

by Jeff Goins(Favorite Author)
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Jeff Goins
review 1: This is the first book of Jeff Goins that I've read. From then on I keep an eye on his next book release. The title speaks directly to everyone who loves to write or still yet to find out that they are head over heels in crafting words. I'm both. And just like everyone else I read the book with every opportunity that I had. If at all it's impossible, then I had to make a chance just as the train that I cannot miss. Get onboard. And so is anyone who think the title is their conscience speaking out loud.Listen. And read because you know you are a writer.
review 2: This book is called, "You are a Writer, so Start Acting like One."Jeff Goins an established writer shares his tips on creating the atmosphere and making it conducive to producing work and getting publis
... morehed. He has friendly words aimed at upcoming writers, showing them how to save themselves a lot of fruitless, unnecessary labor in the process of launching his or her career.The book was readable and held my interest. I read it in one afternoon so it is a quick read....but the material is adequately covered--so brevity is not a vice.If you are a writer, if you want to become a writer and if you have a niggling suspicion that you already ARE a writer but just need some guidance---then this book is what the editor ordered.Thanks Jeff for sharing your secrets with us who lag behind and wonder what it takes to lag ahead. less
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A good, practical but thought-provoking writing book.
A good kick in the pants for any wannabe's like me.
Got it free, listened to it on the commute. Meh.
Short in length - low in content
Review to come.
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