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Cats Are Weird And More Observations (2010)

by Jeffrey Brown(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 1
081187480X (ISBN13: 9780811874809)
Chronicle Books
review 1: This is in the same style as "cat getting out of a bag", a mix of cat observation with humorous cartoon style illustrations. If you have ever owned or lived some time with a cat (after all who owns who) you very quickly start to recognise their antics in this book. I think the most entertaining ones are those where you think "yes my cat does that, yes just LIKE that" and that is where i think the appeal of this book really lies. Great read and one I think I could go back to time and time again (rather like the Simons Cat series) and still raise a smile even though I recognise each page instantly.
review 2: Have you ever owned a cat. Do you miss that cat? I miss having cats but my allergies just won't let me have them. Good thing Jeffrey Brown loves cats too.
... more This graphic novel looks at cats and the little things they do. They are funny little stories strung together to make this novel. Brown's art on this graphic novel is the best I've seen it. He is able to make the cats have their own personalities and show their many moods. This book is a must for anyone who loves cats. I know I love them. This book is for good for all ages. I recommend picking it up. less
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Twice the kitties, twice the cuteness. :D Must-read for all cat lovers.
Didn't I like as much as the Star Wars books but it was cute
Cute. Surprised he doesn't currently have a cat.
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