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The Secret Of Isobel Key (2013)

by Jen McConnel(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
Bloomsbury Spark
Isobel Key
review 1: What a great little book. A quick read, for sure, but entertaining nonetheless. McConnel has definitely done her research. I loved all the historical details. The modern day characters were compelling and believable. Unlike other books on witches, this one felt more realistic and believable. I only wish I knew more about Lou's background introduction to paganism. It is only hinted at here and there in the form of her pentacle necklace. Unfortunately I know a lot of twenty-somethings like Lou who graduate from college and still don't know what to do with themselves. I like the idea of fate and the universe lending a hand, if you are open to receiving it. Cheers to a great "debut" novel!
review 2: The Secret of Isobel Key is part romance, part Scottish adventure,
... more part coming of age story for Louisa. And part witch hunt/ghost story. It all worked really well for me. Louisa, or Lou, has just graduated from college a year early and she hasn't found the perfect job yet. She is working as a clerk in a bookstore, when finally she has enough and she quits. Her best friend, Tammy, is thrilled but Lou is still trying to figure out what her next step will be. Insert Tammy with free trip to Scotland to visit family. It seems like the perfect getaway for Lou. While they are overseas, they go on a little tour and of course they have a hot tour guide. Most of the story takes place on the girls trip in Scotland over winter break. Tammy and Lou's parents are close friends so they both sent their daughters on the trip for Christmas. The book is told in split narrative between present day Lou, and past day Isobel Key. At first I didn't know how the stories were going to connect, eventually you start to see a little connection. And then later on in the story, you see a little more connection, and then by the end you see even more. I loved how the two stories were intertwined on all these different layers. I thought the whole research on Scottish witches and Isobel Key was really well done. It was detailed, and super interesting. Tammy is super outgoing and a huge flirt. She has no problem hitting on their tour guide, Brian shamelessly! Lou is quieter, more reserved. She also had a crush on Brian, even before Tammy, but because she is so shy, no one knew about it. What I loved about Tammy is that she finally the great friend that I wish was in more books. When she found out that Brian and Lou liked each other, after she flirted up a storm and let everyone know that she liked him, she simply said, "well, I can't win them all." and winked at Lou. That was it. There was no fight, no "you hate me. Why are you doing this?" Just support for her friend. Now Tammy and Lou are not perfect, they later clash over religion. Which, I thought was another interesting layer and element to this book (it is not a christian story) But the point is that they are always there for each other. The Secret of Isobel key surprised me. The story was an enchanting one. The ending was not what I expected at all. I was a little disappointed with it, but mostly it was so refreshing to see something different happen. And it still was a "happily ever after", just a different one than I was expecting. There is much more than meets the eye with this book. less
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A quick & easy read, entertaining, lovable main characters. Catchy.
This was a really good book. I hope there is a second one soon.
Liked the narrator way more than the story.
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