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Same Time Next Year (2011)

by Jenna Bennett(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 1
Bente Gallagher
review 1: A short (very short) quick read. It was a good short story, though I knew where it was going right from the very beginning. Only thing is I think the story had the potential to be a lot more. We could have seen the day to day inter workings of a good marriage with looking forward to that one special time each year. Sometimes stories need to be short and sometimes short stories need to be a little longer.
review 2: I don't read very much romance these days. I more concentrate on mysteries, but after finishing the Savannah Martin series (which had quite a lot of romance, which I enjoyed) I thought I'd try a romantic short story. SAME TIME NEXT YEAR is about two people that meet at the same hotel, same time every year. For the desk clerk she thinks they are ch
... moreeating on their spouses, but who are these people and what is their story?Oh I liked this one! It was such a sweet, romantic story that was a perfect length for me. It was interesting seeing their relationship from different peoples point of views, and how they viewed each other. I definitely recommend this for fans of romance, and even someone just wanting to dip their toe into the romance genre. A fun short story and definitely worthy of 5 stars. less
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It was a great short story! I LOVED the ending....so sweet.
I loved the twist at the end was brilliant!!
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