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Home For The Homicide (2013)

by Jennie Bentley(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
0425260496 (ISBN13: 9780425260494)
A Do-It-Yourself Mystery
review 1: I like this series - a lot. I even research after reading each installment the renovation projects of Avery, trying to find out as much as I can about each type of the house :) This part was also good, not amazing but satisfying. Maybe - at first (say, like half of the book), Avery behaved a bit out of her character - like a hysterical teenager. But it went away with mounting climate and coming climax. All in all, it wasn't waste of time and I was really happy to be able to read it.
review 2: I always look forward to Jennie Bentley's books. They're well written and flow nicely. In other words, the writing doesn't get in the way of the story. This time Avery seemed a little more intense than in earlier adventures. I know she's an amateur sleuth, but she came acr
... moreoss as a busybody. She had few clues, but that didn't stop her from speculating at length with others and contriving reasons to visit suspects who were emotionally vulnerable. Another reviewer captured it well when she said Avery was like an hysterical teenager for the first part of the book. Having said all that, I was pleased that the story redeemed itself at the end. Bless that long suffering Derek! less
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Really liked this one, though I figured out the who and how about halfway through.
love this series!! What a great book!
Great addition to the series.
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