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Unethical (2014)

by Jennifer Blackwood(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
Entangled Embrace
review 1: After reading the blurb I have to admit - I was a little unsure but I bought it in support of the author anyway and Ohmagosh - I am so glad I did.The book has an easy opening allowing character familiarization and a chance to sympathize with the female protagonist. The moment that the two main characters meet had my heart thumping and then being able to read from Blake's point of view just topped it off. Both Payton and Blake have distinctive voices. Usually when I read a dual POV (point of view) I spend one of the POV chapters itching to get back to my favorite POV. Not the case this time, I enjoyed both of the characters experiences and not once did I roll my eyes and think - oh just let me get back to the other character.There were times when I face palmed on the charac... moreters behalf and other times when my 'lil heart leaped with joy and I have to admit, I got a little teary when I learned Payton's dads sentence.All in all I think this is a fabulous book - hot, steamy, romantic and at times frustrating - all of the things I expect. For a debut novel I have to say, the author's style is impressive. I look forward to her future releases because I will certainly, without doubt, be purchasing future titles from Jennifer Blackwood.
review 2: There have been some pretty awesome new authors popping up this year, and Jennifer Blackwood is without a doubt on that list. Unethical is a fabulous debut novel and it makes me excited to see what more she has up her sleeve! Unethical is an incredible story of a second chance at love with a backdrop of controversy and heartache. This story begins with Payton diving into her studies in college. She is a focused and determined lady, wanting to be free from her past of hurt and heartache, and get into medical school. Yet fate has another idea for her. Her high school sweetheart, her first love, barges into her life and things take a nose dive, causing her to face her demons and deal with her past. As Payton and Blake attempt to restore a civil working relationship in class and work, it becomes obvious that the wounds left unhealed cannot be ignored. Once Payton begins to find her footing after the past invades her life, she is asked to risk her future for her dad, someone that she hasn’t allowed herself to think about or contact for over two years.This book was a refreshing read. I do love a good second chance at love story but this one was bigger than that. The story-line deals with some hard subjects, ones that could leave you reeling, yet Jennifer is able to take some controversial subject matter and allow the reader to see both sides without judgement or hostility. She allows the controversial theme to add to the story but never overwhelm the reader. The relationship between Payton and Blake is complex and deep. They have so much that is left unsaid and so many emotions bottled up. They continue to push and pull until their breaking point is reached. I loved how this story was told in both Payton and Blake’s POV. It allows the reader to understand both sides of what happened two years ago, allow us to empathize with both parties and shake our heads at the miscommunication that took place. You are able to grieve at their heartache and celebrate their second chance at love.Payton is such a strong female character. She brings life to the book. Her personality is determined and focused. She has dealt with more than any young woman should but she is a survivor, one who embraces what the future holds for her. Blake is the suave, handsome soon-to-be medical student that all the girls swoon over. His hurt is palpable in the story and you see the glaring truth that he wants to forget Payton, yet his heart will not listen to his anger. Their frustration and chemistry leaps off the page. As the reader, you are able to sympathize with both parties and hope for reconciliation and a second chance. This couple is endearing and frustrating, one that you cannot help but root for till the end.One of my favorite story-lines was Payton’s path to healing and acceptance of what has happened and where she will go from there. Her relationship with her dad is destroyed and her mother is dead. She struggles to find her footing in a world that was ripped from her. She hides her true identity and wants to start over, forgetting what has happened. Yet you can never truly forget where you came from. She has to face her father and the past, making a decision that will determine her future. Her strength allows the reader to take a step back and wonder at what their actions would be. This book is more than a love story. It allows the reader to come to a personal conclusion and think of some issues that they would not normally ponder.I can say without a doubt that Jennifer Blackwood will be an author to watch. Her writing style allows for the reader to explore an overwhelming subject in a non-threatening way, one that will allow introspection. She presents a love story that makes you root for the couple, wanting them to heal, knowing they are better together than apart. Unethical was fantastic debut! less
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I loved it!!! I cant wait to see more from this author.
Totally enjoyed this one. Great new NA.
3.5 starsFull review to come
Review to come.
3.5 stars
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