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The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding (2012)

by Jennifer Blake(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 1
Steel Magnolia Press
Italian Billionaires
review 1: Good buildup and some moving scenes. Heroine's musings are a bit silly in the beginning, and Hero starts out as a straightforward bully, but both of those things get better towards the end. High literature its not, but as romance, its a good one. I loved the loving Carisa character, and that the Hero tells Heroine things in Italian that he cannot admit in English and then she figures it out, cute!
review 2: If I could I would have done 2.5 stars. A couple things bugged me. A smart woman would have verified this guy's story before traveling with him. Also, I never felt like they were ever friends. Although it was a troubled time for them both, I never felt they did anything to ease each other or laugh. It was too serious. On a positive note, some of the writi
... moreng was excellent. I will try another of her books to see how they differ. less
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2,5. Muito fraquinho. Lê-se.
Amazon freebie 3/18/2013
Amazon freebie 3/15/13
Very Cliche
Good book.
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