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Spinnenkuss (2013)

by Jennifer Estep(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
3492269400 (ISBN13: 9783492269407)
Piper Taschenbuch
Elemental Assassin
review 1: This isn't a bad novel in terms of plot and character development. But it needs good editing. The writing is repetitive. The same words are used again and again. Did I mention, the writing is repetitive. The same words are used again and again. Yes, really, it is that bad. So in spite of the book's good points, I don't recommend Ms. Estep's writing.Oh, what's it about? Imagine a Gotham -like city where magical creatures (but not happy unicorns, instead think vampires and such) wander about with the humans. The place is entirely corrupt. Our hero, Gin, is an assassin (nicknamed the "spider") with a sad back story, who usually kills with knives. For a touch of romance, uncorrupted detective Donovan Caine joins forces with Gin to chase even badder bad guys than... more Gin.
review 2: You know...I put reading this book off for some time because of the cover. I mean so often when a book on the Urban Fantasy shelf has an attractive woman on the cover what you actually get is "PNR", that is "ParaNormal Romance".Good news, not the case here. There is a "touch" of something that will bother some but it's more incidental that a romance usually is. Instead of a "love interest" here we have a "lust interest". Each time our protagonist sees the "subordinate male protagonist" she stops and "daydreams" about hot sex with him...even though he's vowed to bring her "to justice" or possibly kill her.And, there is one heavy sex scene.Well, he doesn't know it's "her" per se, he simply knows that it was an assassin "called" The Spider.Yes, our heroine is an assassin...a truly nasty one. She claims to be the most feared assassin in the South. She also has a true love for the burgers at the Bar-B-Que place she works from.As I've said about other assassin books I'm surprised at how much I really liked this book. I plan to follow the series up and if you approach it knowingly (you know advisedly that there is some sex and it's about a professional killer) you may like it.It worries me a little but I did. Recommended, with caveat. less
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Great.. glad I found this series I needed a new fix... Give it a try I think you enjoy this book
I liked Fin. Didn't like main character- Gin that much. Good, interesting action.
suspenseful, far-fetched, and gritty!
3.5 stars...
Loved it.
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