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The Mothers (2013)

by Jennifer Gilmore(Favorite Author)
3.17 of 5 Votes: 2
1451697252 (ISBN13: 9781451697254)
review 1: It was interesting to read about the things adoptive parents need to go through just to fulfill their dreams of being parents. I didn't realize there were training classes and introductory booklets and special 800 numbers. Upsetting as there are those parents who could use some guidance and classes before being parents. The one downfall to this book was the ending. I found it most abrupt, almost like the author said, "I'm tired, and I just wanna go home."
review 2: As somebody experiencing fertility issues, I really wanted to like this book since I identify with the subject matter so well. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into the characters; in fact, I had a really hard time liking them especially the husband. For me, it's important to find at least one
... moreof the main characters likable in order to care about the story and in this book, it just didn't happen. less
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Four and a half. I loved this and I'm so bummed I missed our book club meeting about it!
Good plot, but clumsy writing and shallow characters.
Slow read for me! Disliked the ending! Bummer
not a fan of the ending
Not great
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