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Magic Hands (2011)

by Jennifer Laurens(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 3
1933963972 (ISBN13: 9781933963976)
Grove Creek Publishing
review 1: What? Really? It just finished like that? But...? I wanted to read more, about the dance and after... I just turned the page and... nothing. I was kind of disappointed. The book though wasn't bad. It was kind of original, a guy doing nails. Not that I think he'd be the only guy in the world. There are many men who are make-up artists, hair-stylers etc. I guess there are some even doing nails. But still, it was obviously surprising for a teenage boy to like it. Cort was a really nice guy, though at times I thought he was kind of weak. What with the way he let her employer treat him or even how he reacted around Bree's body even though he didn't like her as a person. Rachel was okay, but I didn't partiularly like her. She was too aloof with Cort and didn't give him much chan... morece to show her his interest and that he was different from the other jocks. But he still did. And she couldn't help but fall for his charmes. He was just too cute and hot.
review 2: I liked the book. It didn't wow me, as I'd hoped, but it was an interesting look into a teenage boy's head.The story is about Cort, a 17 year old boy that needed a job. The only job available is at the new nail salon in town. It made me laugh, the idea of a boy doing nails. Yes, if you're the logical one, you know you must be a licensed tech to do nails. I knew it too, but hey, it's fiction! And it was lovely to see a boy's reaction to when those backstabbing girls you knew in high school drop their facade and show their true colors.Another aspect of his life is Rach, the enigmatic classmate that captures his attention. How does he win her over?The changes in Cort are something to read, but I really think the fringe characters seriously lacked depth and could've used some more face time. I don't know if it's considered grammar, but the placement of paragraphs and wording was strange. That could be because I read it on my Kindle, and that's sometimes messed up in the transfer process.All in all, a nice read for the afternoon. I enjoyed it. less
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This wasnt a very long read and it seemed like it abruptly ended.
hahha. cool guy! wish it had better ending :)
Very unrealistic high school. It went fast.
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