Welcome to Night Vale by Jeffrey Cranor & Joseph Fink

I have heard all about how great the Welcome to Night Vale podcast is from people all over. It’s a unique and powerful fandom, but I struggle to listen to podcasts. It’s hard for me to take in information solely aurally; i do better when I’m using multiple senses. So my boyfriend recommended that I check out the Welcome to Night Vale book; it has the same characters as the podcast, and goes through some similar points. So I grabbed it for my trip last week, and read it on the buses.

This book definitely took me a minute to get into; the chapters focus on a connecting story from two different characters’ points of view. But since they’re in the same bizarre town, they’re interacting with the same people and dealing with similar weird occurrences. But once I got into it, I was on a roll. I ate this book up because it is all so strange.

Welcome to Night Vale is about Jackie and Diane, two different women, who are different ages, living in the same town, who are approached by the same man. He hands each of them a note that says “King City,” offers no real explanation, and disappears. While Diane can’t get rid of the paper, Jackie can. They end up working together to find out as much as they can about King City, and how they can get there.

Throughout the book there are updates from Cecil of the Night Vale radio station. He is also the host of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

If you’re a big fan of the podcast, are looking to get into the Night Vale fandom, or just like bizarre novels, this book is for you. It’s a weird and fun romp through a town in California where things that work no matter what here (time, age, etc), don’t work there. It’s a neat way to get a new, exciting environment in the world that we’re comfortable with and aware of. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope it will help me get into the podcast now!











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