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Night Magic (2011)

by Jennifer Lyon(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 3
0345520068 (ISBN13: 9780345520067)
Ballantine Books
Wing Slayer Hunters
review 1: I really like the world this series is set in. Liked the couple in this book and the climax even got me a little teary eyed. I had to drop it a half star for the 2 couples from the first two books in the series acting in ways that came off as way too out of character to me--enough to pull me out of the story. Still love this world and am looking forward to the next book at the end of May, but the writing wasn't as tight in this book.
review 2: I'm a big fan of this series but I have to say, Jennifer Lyon reached deep inside her characters and told a story that is both heart-wrenching and romantic. Phoenix Torq is a man who cannot walk away from from a woman in trouble. Ailish is a blind witch desperate to break the bond her mother, a rogue witch, tricked her in
... moreto on her sixteenth birthday. These two are thrown together for better or worse. When a book touches me so much I cry, it automatically goes on my keeper shelf. But when a book makes me want to immediately go back to the beginning a reread it immediately, I know I've discovered something priceless. I own this book in Kindle edition and in paperback. If it came in hardback, I'd own that edition, too! less
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Had a hard time getting into this one...plot was OK but I did not care much for the main charaters.
Tentoraz bol ten koniec asi taký veľkolepý, ako autorka zamýšľala.
The series reminds me of Kresley Cole's IAD series.
Love the angle of Ailish being a blind kickboxer
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