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The Plus One Chronicles Boxed Set (2013)

by Jennifer Lyon(Favorite Author)
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Jennifer Lyon Books
review 1: These books technically fall under the umbrella of romance/erotica/romantica, and while they certainly live up the expectations born of those genres, I truly hope that readers who don’t normally pick up such books take a chance on these because they are so much more than the sum total of those descriptions. What we have here are works that somehow manage to contain virtually every possible emotion. While one would expect many of those emotions to not go beyond the surface by virtue of the focus on so many, that is not the case. By exploring a gamut of character-building situations, every emotion is given its due in terms of depth and impact. All of that emotionality results from the myriad issues into which these books delve: romantic love/extreme sexual chemistry; b... moreoth protagonists having endured unimaginable trauma; violence; the role mentors play in the lives of at-risk youth; big pharma; familial relationships, including parent/child love as well as dysfunction; redemption; murder; loss; betrayal; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. None of those issues is given short shrift: it may not always be pleasant, but each and every one is given a solid foundation and exploration so that all of them wind up being genuinely powerful and impactful. Kat and Sloane are the two main characters with whom we navigate those very turbulent waters. Kat is such a strong woman; having been the victim of a life-changing, brutal attack, she had to rethink her entire life and change her focus. She has to deal with panic attacks and other assorted fears, but she doesn’t let them stop her. She keeps fighting so that her strength and independence continue to grow. Sloane had to endure a terrible family tragedy as a teenager, and in the intervening years, he’s put all of his focus into helping the aforementioned at-risk youth, building an empire, and plotting revenge. It stands to reason that he wasn’t exactly open to love, though his father/son relationship with his mentor (Drake) is beautiful in the depth and sincerity of the emotion both feel. His reliance on relationships designed with a business model had served him well for a long time: he got what he wanted, gave the women anything for which they asked, and moved on. When he meets Kat, all of that changes. The chemistry between them is undeniable and incendiary. Very quickly, that connection begins to branch out to include mutual respect and admiration. It’s not insta-love, as a long time and a lot of material is devoted to them really getting to know one another, breaking down each other’s walls, dealing with any number of huge problems, and developing feelings neither thought would ever be in the cards. It’s a hot relationship, to be sure, and the love scenes are frequent, detailed, and intense. However, the relationship is also one that is truly solid and the lovestory that develops is incredibly poignant. Having read books by Jennifer Lyon prior to getting copies of these, my expectations were high, but I can honestly say that she exceeded them. I tried to think of a more erudite way to say this, but what it all boils down to is that these books just blew me away. The characters and everything they experienced – from the wondrous highs to the heartbreaking lows - and felt were so well-developed and organic that I really felt as though I’d been taken on an emotional journey right along with them. These books were so incredibly well-written - I can’t recommend them highly enough.
review 2: I cant believe that I left this book in my library for so long before reading it. I was in a serious book slump after reading a handful of books in a row that just weren't up to par with my standards of "good writing". This book finally picked me up out of my slump, and gave me the good read I had been looking for. I kid you not it probably sat in my library for months and I didn't even know it. It was a very pleasant read, I loved that Sloan wasn't the typical Jerk that some of these heroin's can tend to be. He was compassionate. I will say that some of the events at the end were kind of predictable but I didn't care because of the good writing that came along with this book. I will definitely be reading more books that are written by this author. less
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I loved this story!! Slade and Kat are great together!! I would love to live at Slade's house.
Love, Strong Alpha and a Chic who overcomes any obstacle! Loved it
A really good, hot series with a lot of angsty and sappy moments
love cupcakes, and UFC
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