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Mindblind (2010)

by Jennifer Roy(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 1
076145716X (ISBN13: 9780761457169)
review 1: Relistic contemporary fiction.7th and up. Presents a good view of an autistic 14-yr-old from his own viewpoint. A mathematical genius who is more comfortable with formulas than people, his mom has insists that he learn social skills and how to navigate among other people. Dad is a little cartoonishly drawn in his obtuseness. Nathaniel is determined to be a genius but his definition moves beyond his genius IQ and perfect SATs to wanting to make a true contribution tothe outside world.It would be easy to retreat from a confusing and overwhelming world but Nathaniel is determined to interact as best as he can. Presents a wonderful view of what a "differently abled" young person can do with support of family and friends.
review 2: I was absolutely blown away by thi
... mores book. I read it over the course of one day, not wanting to put it down. The book is from the point of view of a young boy with Asperger's and follows a few weeks of his life. The reader gets to see what it's like to be him as he interacts with friends, family, and strangers. That makes it sound so boring, but it is really anything but. A completely amazing book! less
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This is an amazing book... a fun to read book and quite frankly very funny
Simply put: One of the best books I have ever read.
Loved this book.
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