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I'm So Sure (2009)

by Jenny B. Jones(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 3
1595545425 (ISBN13: 9781595545428)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
The Charmed Life
review 1: Yay!! Book two! i really had a hard time putting this down!Man! Does Bella ever get a break? No! Anyway, dealing with a new possible step-mom and bratty stepsister, would be hard on anybody, but add to that all the mysteries in the air, and pressure form various people,yeah, I'd crack.Robbie is such a cutie! I loved the scene at school with him, Bella and Ruthie. Totes adorabs!Ruthie and Budge. Cute, though kind of strange relationship!Luke! Talk about mixed signals! He sending them all over the place, at least I thought so. He had a girlfriend for Pete's sake! had, tho.Hunter. Another back stabbing Jared. Only worse, because he pretended to change and lied to Bella about everything. Jerk. So, yeah, and they kind of left things hanging between Bella and Mia... more.I'm surprised Bella was not more hurt, just sayin'.I hope that's everything! Kay? Bye.
review 2: This series just gets better and better. The comedy continued and the mystery, though not completely realistic, was overall worth reading :) There were a lot of shocking revelations made but I honestly only hope for a couple things in the next one: relationships for Bella, Lindy, and Budge More comedyAnd a slightly more realistic scenarioOther than that, an amazing sequel :) less
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4.5 starts because I was laughing my head off through most the book.
Sooo good! I knew Newt was the crook! I really love this series!
I love Jenny B Jones!!
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