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So Not Happening (2009)

by Jenny B. Jones(Favorite Author)
4.47 of 5 Votes: 3
1595545417 (ISBN13: 9781595545411)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
The Charmed Life
review 1: I could totally relate to the narrator because she is just so darn sassy. There is so much sass in these books that I wish I had the ability to sass the way she sasses. Plus, it's adorable because she's from a big city and she meets Luke (oh. my. word.) and he is so smart and southern and it's perfect. She's always going on these escapades to solve mysteries and whatnot and he's always saving her and I'm making so many grammatical errors right now that it's not even funny. So this book probably looks like it's for a twelve-ish year old, but honestly, my 40 year old mother would enjoy this book.
review 2: This book is hilarious. if i tried to count how many times i laughed, i would give up before i'd gotten half way thought the book. the main caricature, a anno
... moreying society girl from new york who cares more about purses than people, ends up trading in her life of luxury for the cow chasing, trashcan diving, k-mart shopping, life of a small rural American town. do i really need to say any more? This book is full of morals and life lessons with a little sarcasm thrown in to keep things interesting. if you're into laughing until you can't breath, then i'd recommend this book. less
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3.5- Clean, lighthearted teen book with a little bit of romance and a little bit of mystery.
A fun and relatively wholesome young #chicklit filled with snark, wit, and mystery
so amazing! i knew it was Jared! he was suspicious from the very beginning!
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