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Cómo Empezó Mi Vida Prestada (2012)

by Jenny Valentine(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This book is suspenseful and compelling enough to overcome its flaws. I felt the pace and over-all effect suffered when the author uses exposition to reveal killer's motive. It's such a weirdly complicated story that having Floyd explain it in a single-conversation information dump didn't quite work for me. Still, I think young teens would like this one. With such an intriguing premise, it should be an easy sell.
review 2: Chap is a street kid, until he gets picked up and mistaken for a missing boy named Cassiel. Then he decides to become Cassiel in order to get the family he never though he'd have. But this family has some dark secrets, beginning with the oldest son, Frank. While Chap tries to keep up appearances, he is also trying to understand why the r
... moreeal Cassiel ran away, and what Frank might have to do with it. The plot here is interesting, thoroughly combining all plot points and explaining everything in a very spooky and satisfactory way. This book may need to move a little faster to attract a more broad readership, but teens that need a little more substance than Pretty Little Liars will find this a good read. less
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Really gripping and mysterious with unexpected twists and turns.
wouldn't call it a thriller. but OK
Quite good! 3.5 stars from me.
Good book.
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