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La Double Vie De Cassiel Roadnight (2013)

by Jenny Valentine(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
2211204635 (ISBN13: 9782211204637)
Editions L'École des Loisirs
review 1: Double is a novel about a boy named Chap. When he is mistaken for a boy who went missing two years ago, his life on the streets ends for good. But the happiness in his new home is temporary. After finding deadly secrets, he learns that all is not what it seems, not to mention the guilt of stealing someone's life. Although his life is in danger, he seeks to uncover more secrets and finds that he's more a part of this family then he originally thought. Jenny Valentine has done a wonderful job creating a mystery that grips the reader and pulls them in to uncover the dark secrets of Chap's past.
review 2: This was a great read. The narrator's voice was well written, and the characters were well drawn. I did figure out pretty early on what was going on with the myst
... moreery part, but I still enjoyed reading to the end. I think this book really raises the question of what constitutes a family. Did Grandfather and Chap constitute a family? Is blood more important than bond? I feel the story was trying to say that no matter what your family looks like, it is the feeling of belonging that is most important. We all want to find our niche in this world where we will be accepted and loved. That should be our family. Alas, as this book also points out, there are plenty of families who fail their children. Children are the most precious resource and should be protected sometimes from their family. But in a perfect world it would be the family as a bastion against all the hurts and dings from the world. This book reinforces the need for family and a sense of belonging. That is the best gift to give our children. less
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The end was so action packed even though it started off slow it made up for it in the end.
A great book with a awesome plottwist!
Sería más bien un 3,5.
great ending
3.5 stars!
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