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The Haunted Book (2012)

by Jeremy Dyson(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
0857862421 (ISBN13: 9780857862426)
Canongate Books
review 1: While Dyson does a good job in terms of his use of language, the "book within a book" thing does not add much to the main story of the book. I think the main problem is the marketing/PR of the book. With the Indepedent quote on its back, "Open it if you dare," (in the Turkish edition) claims much more than the book truly offers. It is fun to read yet nowhere near scary. The postmodernist idea of narrating a story through other books has, I believe, become a cliche especially when you think of its excellent examples such as the classic Don Quijote. In sum, if you have never read The Shining, any stories of Poe or Lovecraft yet interested in uncanny stories this might be your holiday fun. No big deal though.
review 2: Preposterous tosh. There I was expecting this
... more book to be full of chills yet the stories are about as scary as an episode of Scooby Doo. This is one book that does not seem to know what it is, and you are left with the feeling that the author is trying to be too clever for his own good. The writing style is actually quite good, however, there are countless spelling mistakes and even missing words, so whoever proof read this didn’t do a very good job. These are supposed to be fiction stories based on true locations and experiences, yet the endings left me feeling disappointed and not the least bit frightened, which is a shame as some of the locations seemed to be the perfect location for a good ghost story. If you want to read ghost stories written by someone who knows how to scare the reader, then read the works of M. R. James, but don’t waste your money on this! less
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It's ok. It's enjoyable in parts a little pointless in other sections. It's basically a bit 'meh'.
Dark, compelling, oh so clever. And terrifying. Of course. But in a rather wonderful way.
DNF. Gave it 70 pages and still had no interest whatsoever in the stories or the writing.
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Only just started this but loving every second so far. Bloody brilliant!
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