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Where's The Birth Certificate?: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President (2011)

by Jerome R. Corsi(Favorite Author)
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1936488299 (ISBN13: 9781936488292)
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review 1: I couldn't lay this one down. Every American citizen should read it carefully. Such a thoughtful, rational look at the facts with tons of documentation of story-changing, stonewalling of the facts. Millions of dollars have been spent on legal defense in order to avoid coming up with the simple long-form hospital-generated birth certificate, showing name of hospital and doctor in attendance. Why?
review 2: Great book! So well written and documented. No stone left unturned. Well, except for the stones that the President himself have hidden and pays millions to keep hidden. Draw your own conclusions. For me, it is the biggest scandal this country has ever seen. If we vote for a man we know absolutely nothing about, especially how he spent his formulative
... more years, then we can only blame ourselves. This man is as transparent as a brick wall. God save America from herself. less
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Hard read, but informative
A very convincing case.
Excellent questioning.
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