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10 A Boot Stomping 20 A Human Face 30 Goto 10 (2010)

by Jess Gulbranson(Favorite Author)
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0980593840 (ISBN13: 9780980593846)
LegumeMan Books
review 1: I remember when I bought this, I was holidaying in Melbourne, the same time I bought V for Vendetta, and I was wandering through all manner of quirky book and music shops. I found this one, as well as numerous other bizarro books, predominantly Eraserhead Press and Legume Man books in a shop called Polyester Books. Needless to say, I was very excited. I’d heard a little about this book beforehand, and it looked interesting, and I was probably going to buy it anyway, so I got it at the shop. It was the only thing I got from there. And I brought it home and read it, and really enjoyed it. It’s got a lot of music references, lots of weird, conspiratorial stuff going on, and I think I remember something about a group of autistic kids in some secret government building. It... mores pretty crazy shit, spirals out of control, people leading the protagonist astray in order to fulfil their own crazy plans. Great sci-fi bizarro. It’s really like nothing else around.
review 2: On the surface, this book is about a friendless loser who gets swept away in a more excellent adventure than Bill and Ted could ever dream of. It is clever and funny and smart and one of my favorite new releases.On a deeper level, Gulbranson has incorporated philosophies, modern metaphysical theories, and social science studies that could fill a ton of other books. That alone wouldn't have won me over but the depth and reality of the characters would have entertained and endeared me even if the story had failed.Don't misunderstand me, the book isn't dry. It is funny (one of the few I actually laughed out loud at), fast paced, and violent. less
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Sadly I started but did not finish this book... but one day, I will. I PROMISE!
Completely insane and fantastic. Never went anywhere I expected. Really cool.
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