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Taken By The Others (2011)

by Jess Haines(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
1420111884 (ISBN13: 9781420111880)
H&W Investigations
review 1: J'ai vraiment pris plaisir à lire ce 2nd tome, que j'ai enchaîné après le 1er. L'écriture est fluide, on ne peut lâcher le livre avant de l'avoir terminé. Les scènes d'action s'enchaînent, le tout avec une bonne dose d'humour et de sarcasme. Mais malheureusement, plus on avance et plus le livre a un goût de déjà vu, un rappel d'Anita cette fois (dans ses 1ers tomes^^).Je lirai tout de même le 3ème tome, car même si il manque d'originalité, l'écriture est agréable et on s'attache aux personnages...
review 2: I loved Hunted by the Others, the first in Jess Haines’s witty and smart urban fantasy series, and the second novel didn’t disappoint. One of the things I like about this series is that the protagonist doesn’t have magic powers of her
... more own, despite living in a world where vampires, weres, mages and other supernatural creatures live alongside humans in contemporary New York. Shia is a private investigator who wants nothing more to do with the Others – especially the manipulative vampire Alec Royce – but is forced to ask for his help when targeted by another dangerous vampire out for revenge on Royce for a past wrong. Shia is caught up in the world of the Others once again, and the result is a plot which is even more gripping and action-packed than the first book, with Shia facing her biggest fears – namely, becoming a vampire’s toy – and some truly terrifying villains. Familiar characters also make a reappearance, including Shia’s werewolf boyfriend Chaz; Devon of the anti-Other group, the White Hats, who are still trying to recruit her; and my favourite: a talking vampire hunter’s belt with a thirst for blood.This is a fast-paced, entertaining read, and I’m definitely invested in this series. Shia’s witty narrative carries the story along, the characters are varied and interesting, and I really like the urban fantasy world Jess Haines has created. Now I’m off to read the next book! less
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This book was so good ,that I finished it to soon wanted more , love love this series.
I loved this book. This series is refreshingly different
how can so much trouble follow Shia... :-)
good action and more character insite...
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