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Snake Ropes (2012)

by Jess Richards(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 1
1443410144 (ISBN13: 9781443410144)
review 1: The disjointed nature of the novel is initially hard to get into, especially given how difficult it is to orient yourself in space and time (references to modern day widgets, but in a place that doesn't exist full of things that are impossible). But it's oddly compelling, and then horrifying and heartbreaking. Thoroughly original and more than vaguely evocative of 'Wonders of a Godless World' by Graham MGahan.
review 2: Wow. Just wow. I just finished this and I have no words but wow. This book is Magical Realism at it's greatest. You're constantly left guessing whether the world set up in the book is real or fantasy or an odd combination of both. I had a hard time getting into this book because it took me a while to dust off the edges of my imagination and then
... more stretch them. This book made me feel that all the things I've been reading recently were too simple, as this book shows true literary innovation. A dark story of two girls and their lives and their troubles. Don't let the YA label fool you, this dark tale will challenge you regardless of how old you are. Ms. Richards shows how inventive and creative she can be and I yearn to be even a tenth of the story teller she is. less
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I enjoyed this book although I found it hard to follow at times. Very imaginative and haunting
interesting read - different than anything i'd read, and kinda weird.
If you like Ali Shaw you like this. Very quirky, my kinda book!
Very good story. Lots of supernatural themes.
Beautiful, lyrical and strange...
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