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All The Lonely People (2012)

by Jess Riley(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
1480100064 (ISBN13: 9781480100060)
review 1: I was looking for some light, entertaining reading between semesters and went to one of our local libraries and found this on the Newcomer's wall. I'm not sure why I picked it up, maybe because of the title relating it to a Beatle's song, but I am so glad I did. I have to say it's been nearly a year since I read it but it has definitely stayed with me. (I won't give a synopsis. You can read what the others have to say.) I told my friend about it and she couldn't believe from the title that it would be funny but after I read a couple of excerpts from it, she lol'd with me. I thought it was very touching, very funny when you needed it to be, quirky as hell (I need some of her friends to help keep me real) and sometimes difficult since I had just battled ovarian cancer. I lov... moree her character development and thought she nailed all of them as I wasn't wanting for more. If you are looking for something to read over a long weekend (because you won't be able to put it down but you should probably eat, take a shower, brush your teeth, and call your mom), I absolutely recommend this book. It will give you a new appreciation for all the wonderful, quirky, loving and horrid people you have in your life.
review 2: There is something about Jess Riley's writing style that allows me to slip seamlessly into the narrative. Just like her novel "Driving Sideways", I found myself effortlessly breezing through each page until novel's end. I don't know why, but I constantly felt the need to carry this book around with me even when I wasn't planning on reading. "Maybe I'll be able to slip in a chapter in between toasting toast", I'd say. True story! Anyways, this book is kind of limited by its predictable ending and story line; but Riley easily overcomes this with sharp wit coupled with an ebb and flow to her writing that is really rare to find. If you do decide to give this one a chance, you too will be carried off into a world where chapters end quickly, thoughts drift momentarily, and tostios tortilla chips drown in a pool of salsa and sour cream. Wait, what's all this about nachos? Dammit! I guess the universe DOES want me to eat nachos right before bed after all... less
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Light, very funny, heartwarming. initial premise - narrator has had it with her cruel brother and cold sister and 6 months after her mother's death from cancer she places an ad on Craig's list for a "new family". She ges four promising responses and she & her husband spent Christmas dinner in a restaurant with 4 interesting and unique individuals. The rest of the novel follows Jaime through the next 6 months as she navigates her rocky life, comes to terms with her family, and her mother's death while learning more about herself as she absorbs this new family into her life. The author is great with a funny turn of phrase. And in spite of this being Chic Light it was a fun and heartwarming read.
In this novel, the protagonist's mother has recently died, and she's on the outs with her brother and sister. Not wanting to spend Christmas with just her husband, almost as a joke, she posts a craigslist add looking for other people to have Christmas dinner with. Cool premise, even if the results were a bit predictable, and quirky characters/family dysfunction that were a bit Jonathan Tropper-esque. Jess Riley's first book made by top 10 list a few years ago, this one wasn't quite up there. 3.5 stars.
Not a favorite of mine, a rather "slow and lonely" read.
I'll have to disagree - I enjoyed this book.
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