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Gli Acchiappazombie (2013)

by Jesse Petersen(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 4
8863552282 (ISBN13: 9788863552287)
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Living With the Dead
review 1: Landing somewhere between Shaun of the Dead and The Walking Dead, lies the Living with the Dead series. While the lighthearted fun of a zombie comedy is there, it's pretty clear that the world isn't sunshine and rainbows despite how fun it is to kill undead humans for a living. I loved the first book, Married with Zombies, and this one stood fairly close to it's predecessor in terms of quality. One of my favorite parts was reading that Sarah and David were working in the Pheonix,AZ area. Having graduated from ASU recently it was kind of awesome to imagine that the stadium had been converted into a survivor camp. If only they ventured a little farther towards my building that would have made my day, assuming it was still standing of course. It's greatest strength is probabl... morey the emphasis on hope and faith that things will improve. So many zombie stories let that get lost among the horrors of a world without order, where flesh hungry corpses just want to eat your brain. If you like zombie stories, but tire of the bleak melodrama of a Walking Dead type series this is definitely a must read.
review 2: It started slower than the last book, but toward the end it will have you on the edge of your seat. New characters are introduced and David and Sarah struggle with their views on post apocalyptic survival with all new threats. There aren't as many funny jokes, but the action and story make up for that. Sarah can be a bit too whiny and David too much of a tool, but in the end, I was thoroughly satisfied how the book pulled itself together. I can't wait to read the next installment! less
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second book in the series. just as good as the first !
I love David & Sarah! Cannot wait to read #3.
Not worth remembering.
i want to read book
Fun and quick read
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