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Chopsticks (2012)

by Jessica Anthony(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 5
1595144358 (ISBN13: 9781595144355)
review 1: I've never read a book more unique in its format and that really factored into my enjoyment while reading! The storyline itself was really sweet and I liked it but the pictures that the book is comprised of really brought the book to life. It really provided me with an entirely new reading experience which I definitely appreciated. This is a really fast read (I read it in 45 minutes...) since it's mostly pictures so if you're looking for a nice quick read definitely read this one!
review 2: I liked this story okay, but ultimately, it was lacking something for me. I gave it 3 stars primarily on its unique and engaging format. I really enjoyed the pictures, letters, IM messages, and drawings, rather than the traditional sequential art format of graphic novels. I
... more liked the concept of a piano prodigy who gets tired of her life and falls in love with the boy next door...but I feel like a lot more could have happened here that didn't. I want to know more about their relationship together, rather than just their time apart. I want to know more about Glory's mother and I want to know what happens to them at the end. I feel like the format of this book, while beautiful and obviously its best quality, really limits its story and the reader's connection to the each characters. less
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What!? Liked it a lot, but not entirely sure what happened. :)
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