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Powdered Peril (2012)

by Jessica Beck(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 2
1250001064 (ISBN13: 9781250001061)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Donut Shop Mystery
review 1: Powdered Peril by Jessica Beck is the 8th book in A Donut Shop mystery series. Suzanne's friend Grace's boyfriend is found murdered and she asks Suzanne to help her find the killer. A great light mystery read although Suzanne stumbles across the killer rather than solving the crime. She comes across as having a rather over-inflated view of her sleuthing skills. Recipes are included and look delicious. It's hard to keep away from the donuts.
review 2: Grace has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend Peter Morgan when the police find him murdered. This makes her a person of interest, but fortunately her best friend is donut maker Suzanne Hart, who has solved several murders in the past, and who certainly won't leave Grace to the tender mercies of the police.
... more A lot of people had it in for Peter, and the women interview them and do a lot of snooping before the murderer comes to them. less
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So glad that Emma came back!! :) And that Suzanne finally got herself a heart shaped cutter.
An easy read. Interesting for just two of the usual party to work through the mystery.
Not a bad book but I can not get into the main people. They just seem flat
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