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The Coincidence Of Callie & Kayden (2000)

by Jessica Sorensen(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 3
The Coincidence
review 1: LOVED. callie saved kaydens life when his dad was beating him up one night. they go to the same college and literally run into each other. they start hanging out and one night she gets really drunk amd tells him she was raped. he goes and beats the shit out of the guy and his dad picks him up from jail and they get in a brawl and kayden cuts himself and calli ,e fiends him barely alive in the kitch
review 2: This book was superb and left me literally stupid and speechless when I was done reading it. Two terribly destroyed individuals that somehow together complete one another. I cannot begin to explain how frustrating the end of this story is and I'm hoping that the next in the series comes out soon. Loved this book but be warned that it is not a light story
... more about college love...totally unexpected. less
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