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Dictatorship Of The Dress (2000)

by Jessica Topper(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 3
0425276252 (ISBN13: 9780425276259)
Much "I Do" About Nothing
review 1: Complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.When Laney is enlisted by her mother to act as a courier for her wedding dress from New York to Hawaii, little did she know she would be embarking on the journey of a lifetime. Laney is jaded by her mom’s past partnerships and the relationship between mother and daughter has been strained as a result. When Laney boards the plane bound for Hawaii, with dress in tow, she finds herself taking advantage of the assumption that the wedding dress she is accompanying is actually hers, thereby giving her perks such as first class upgrades, etc. When a handsome man becomes her seatmate on her first flight, it is assumed that he is in fact her fiancé, which Laney doesn’t correct. When the two find them... moreselves stranded in Chicago due to adverse weather, they’re thrust into yet another compromising position…sharing the last hotel room available, the honeymoon suite.Noah is on his way to Vegas for one last hurrah before he marries Sloane, the daughter of a business partner whom finances a lot of his endeavors. He’s very much the buttoned up businessman compared to Laney’s eclectic lifestyle. At first he’s not at all receptive towards Laney, but as they begin to spend more time in each other’s presence, especially after being grounded in Chicago, he finds himself oddly attracted to the woman that is nearly the polar opposite of his fiancée. Sloane is definitely looking for money and status, something that Laney wants to be no part of. As cracks begin to show, demonstrating exactly how little Noah and Sloane really have in common, Noah begins to question his choice of marrying. But what will happen to his business prospects if he disappoints his number one investor? Is leading an unhappy life with a woman he doesn’t love worth his livelihood?Dictatorship Of the Dress was a fun read that certainly kept me on my toes. It is well written and the characters are fun, especially Laney, given all of the crap she had been dealt with by her mother. My biggest issue with the book was the timeline in which the events take place. Over the course of one week strangers are professing their love for each other and Noah, along with his friends stage a disappearing act in order to ditch Noah’s would be bride and catch up with Laney. It was a cutesy Lifetime movie kind of that serves one purpose, entertainment. There’s nothing prophetic or deep, but it makes for a nice escape from everyday life. I’ll definitely pick up the next book in the series, which is due mid-2015 and follows Dani, Laney’s best friend, and her journey to find the love of her life.
review 2: * 4.5 Stars *Laney hasn’t had it easy with love. She’s always made the wrong decisions based on what her mother guilts her into doing. And because Laney falls into her mother’s trap, she’s lost everything she’s ever truly wanted: her dream job, her dream man, her dream college. And now that she’s forced into being the glorified dress deliverer for her mother, she, without knowing it, will be forging her own path. When people see her carrying this dress, they assume she is the bride. So she begins to get some perks at the airport. She decides, why the heck not? It’s this that ultimately brings Noah into her path.Noah also isn’t living his own life. He is a “tech” genius, and has created a few apps. It’s what he had to do to get those apps made that has him stuck where he is: with a fiance he doesn’t know if he really loves, and working for a man he’s beginning not to like. It’s on the way to his bachelor party that he ends up sitting next to Laney. And mistakenly seen as her fiance. It’s this same misconception that will open his eyes and change his life. Laney and Noah end up stuck together in a hotel room during a huge snow storm that stops all flights, and they begin to get to know each other. It’s Laney’s second chance at love, and Noah chance at real love.It was an incredibly sweet, well-written romance that I loved. There’s humor, romance, and friendship. I loved slowly seeing Laney see that she needs to be her own person and to heck with her mother, but you also eventually understand where her mother is coming from. I really enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a book that will make you smile (sometimes chuckle), and fall in love. Also, there’s no cheating so don’t worry.**Received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review** less
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4.5 stars. Just an awesome book filled with fantastic dialogue and chemistry.
Sometimes it's handy to have 'friends in low places'... ;-)Thanks much, M !!!
not your typical HEA but more of a promise
Loved this so much! Review to come
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