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The Truth About Mack (2000)

by Jettie Woodruff(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This book has such strong emotions I couldn't put it down. The research that went into this to get the mental disorder right made this story so believable it was eerie. I felt I knew or could comprehend the each person's side to behave the way they did. I hated everyone at one point, and I completely understood and felt compassion for everyone the next. To put this mildly--its a completely fucked up situation. A very well told fucked up story. This is a dark read that has kidnapping, forced sexual activities, sex during mentally unstable times, but it also has a story that will suck you in.I am very interested to hear Gia's side of things now.
review 2: I debated on which book I should start with Mack’s or Gia’s. They are essentially the same story with two
... more different point of views. I just wanted to make sure I started with the right one. I just didn’t know.So… I picked Mack’s side first. The reason why I picked her book first was because I had never read a book by Jettie Woodruff before.I think I made the right decision.I don’t even know where to start with this book…I’m just sitting here on the couch trying to digest what I just read right now.I’ve never read a book like this… This book was a total mind twister. It reminded me of one of those thriller/suspense movies. Kind of like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Crazy/Beautiful, Wild things, Girl Interrupted maybe just a little more darker. And a little Lolita is in there too.This book was kind of like that.This book will take you in the mind of someone that is mentally unstable. The every day things we take for granted… Is not like that for a person with mental problems.This book for sure takes you for a ride… With all the twists and turns!I loved it… I mean… I really, really loved it!This book is about two families that lived next door to each other. The parents went to school together…. entwined their lives together.The fathers worked together & the mothers worked in the same profession…realty.They were always in competition with each other it seemed like. But it seem to work for them. Because they were still close friends.The parents seemed to have passed their jealousy and competition they had with one another on to their kids….Mackenzie (Mack) & Gianna (Gia). Born only days apart.. They were raised together… Did everything together…. Birthday parties, extracurricular activities… When ever one had something…. The other had to have it to….they were Best friends whether they like it or not.But, still so very different. Their personalities are night and day.The first 3% of this book was just crazy!!!(Crazy in a good way!!!)It starts off with Mr. Nichols aka pretty boy James “the teacher”. He gets the ball rolling about how he landed in his current situation. We find out where he’s at..& kind of get how he got there. But we don’t know the full story yet.Then we dive right into the story…It starts off with Mack talking about herself in therapy sessions.Now, those therapy sessions are very important.We go back in flashbacks during those sessions. Little by little getting the story as to why Mack & Gia are no longer friends & why Mack does what she does. Mack has a very serious condition… She’s Bipolar. She started to notice something was wrong with her early in her teen years… And has been an extreme struggle for her.Right from the beginning… You can tell who’s jealous of who. I spent almost the whole book thinking that. That Mack feels like she’s in the shadows of Gia.But, it was so much more than that.Mack had a pretty crappy childhood. Her parents were together.. But… Totally ignored her.She had a social life & participated in school activities… But she always felt off and alone. Her parents cared for her. But, kept her at arms length Like something was wrong.Gia in Mack’s eyes was perfect. She had the perfect parents. Did everything better. Just a leader not a follower.But, Gia had her own demons going on in her head.That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this book.Gia & Mack do something in their senior year of high school. That would change not only their lives but other peoples lives too.This whole book centers around what they did. How they coped with that one decision that change their lives.I know this isn’t a contest.. Both authors are essentially writing the same story from two different POV’s. I found myself gravitating more to Mack’s Side of the story.For me.. It just clicked better than Gia’s story. Not that the other story didn’t click. I just found it lacking in some placesIf I had to say one bad thing about this book it would have to be the cover. The cover does not do this book justice.If the cover doesn’t look appealing to me I more or less skip it. I know that sounds bad but…Book covers say a lot about a book. I would just hate for this book to get bypass by a lot of readers just by the cover.**ARC provided by the author for an honest review**-Michelle less
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