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Regno A Venire (2006)

by J.G. Ballard(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
8807701804 (ISBN13: 9788807701801)
review 1: Did not glom to this as much as High Rise, although the concept of the middle class going nuts worhipping consumerism whilst being total racists was interesting, it felt oddly by the numbers. But more relevant now, in a different way, following the riots in 2011 and the balance has shifted - but there is a constant possibility of violence all the same. Ballard captures that, it's a shame I feel I've read this story before in High Rise. But as a mood, capturing the derelict heart of the shopping mall, he does it rather well.
review 2: An interesting dystopian novel; perhaps if Ballard had had time to polish it, the moments of redundancy and confusion would have been eliminated. The concept, that our society's consumerist obsessions are creating the potential fo
... morer a new sort of totalitarian state is interesting, and if the characters had been a bit less wooden and predictable the novel might have held together a bit more tightly.Still, as a late novel by the author of the semi-autobiographical Empire of the Sun, this book curiously reflects many of the same themes that haunted – more effectively – that book. less
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spoiler alert:the guy gets the girl. I thought this was supposed to be a dystopia?
Good idea, but a little too one note
Very good.
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