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The Casual Vacancy (2012)

by J.K. Rowling(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 4
0316228532 (ISBN13: 9780316228534)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: I really enjoyed reading this book even though most of the characters in the book disgusted me. It's difficult to read if you aren't into reading into what the real world is like and all the difficulties entailed with living. Those who like realistic fiction or are interested in J.K. Rowling's newest work after Harry Potter should definitely read this book. It's completely different from the series and realistically manages to depict life in a small English town.
review 2: The most interesting, compassionate character in this novel dies in the first three pages. The rest of the novel examines the deceased empty seat on the town council - called a casual vacancy and thus inspiring the title - and focuses on the resulting small town politics that have big ripple
... moreeffects. Told from multiple characters' perspectives, most of whom are tragically flawed. Described as 'darkly comic' but I just found the whole thing depressing. Well written, to be certain, JK Rowling, true to her skills in character development in the Harry Potter series, creates believable characters in believable situations. It's just too bad that I didn't like a single one of the characters, or if I did, Rowling stacked the odds against them, giving them a series of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Was glad to finish it and put the whole thing behind me. less
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I had no interest in this book at all!! I kept trying to finish it but why? So I didn't!
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