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Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens (1906)

by J.M. Barrie(Favorite Author)
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0486466078 (ISBN13: 9780486466071)
Dover Publications
review 1: Such an imaginative book, but also pretty dark--mothers replace their babies, fairies will slit your throat, and little children left in the park after dark might not come out alive. Not to mention that Peter Pan is a lonely Betwixt-and-Between with no child friends. The book is filled with delightful scenes and observations--such as the fact that fairy cakes are too small to have crumbs. The details are so light that I felt even more shocked by the dark themes underneath...
review 2: I've read this as a prelude to reading the novel Peter Pan (can you "novelise" your own play?) and I was really surprised that such an important creation story of Peter Pan wasn't much better known. Written a few years before Peter Pan this book is a selection of chapters taken fr
... moreom yet another book (written for adults) to produce another shorter book (printed for children). In this very short work we read about how Peter left his mother when just a few days old because he wanted to play with the fairies and the birds - because it seems that all babies begin life as birds, but forget.Barrie's writing style in these works is, I think, profoundly beautiful - but I can certainly see how some would consider it profoundly irritating. An excellent read - now on to the main course of "Peter and Wendy". less
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Una palabra lo define todo....HermosoLlenoDeRecuerdosDeLosMasBellosQuePuedesLeer....
One of my most favorite kids books ever . A time-machine to my childhood !
Tantas cosas de Peter que no conocía.. love it.
Fantasy at its best
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